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The moon has fallen onto Earth

and nothing remains the same

Aber eine neue Welt braucht auch neue Herrscher – und die Spieler ergreifen Partei: Mächtige, mutierte Tiervölker, zähe Überlebenskämpfer und technisch hochausgerüstete Mensch-Maschinen kämpfen um die Dominanz in dieser neuen Ära. Und darum, ihn zu vernichten: Den Mond. Den Drachen. TSUKUYUMI.

A strategic board game with unique factions and epic dimensions

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Story world

The new world needs a new ruler – and the players are taking sides. Mighty, mutated animal tribes, tough survival experts and technologically advanced cyborgs are fighting for power in this new era... And to defeat him: the moon. The dragon. TSUKUYUMI.

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Lords of the Lost Sea
Children of the Lion

The Game

Tsukuyumi – Full Moon Down is a strategy game which avoids lucky elements or coincidences and therefore challenges the tactical abilities of the 3 to 5 players.

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At the beginning, each player picks one of the five factions. The factions bring their own respective abilities, units and strategies. Therefore the game takes a different course depending on what factions meet on the battlefield.

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Tsukuyumi – Full Moon Down was developed by Felix Mertikat, founder of the publishing house King Racoon Games.

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