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Story World

The world has changed – and with it the creatures who are fighting for survival. Whether human survivors, mutated beasts or human-machine hybrids – every faction wants to seize power, in order to finally face their greatest enemy: The white dragon Tsukuyumi.

The world before the Moonfall

Born as the ruler of the night, Tsukuyumi was a powerful God-like creature, a Kami from the old world. But he betrayed his own kind when he slew the goddess of nourishment with an arrow of light and a bow of dragonbone. As punishment, he was banished from the eternal night sky far away from his sister, the sun goddess Amaterasu.

Drained by loneliness, Tsukuyumi lost his life energy. In sleep, he drifted through time and space, gathering rocks and stardust around him and finally becoming the thing that the humans called the “moon”.

As the humans, who were created by the Kami, saw the petrified Tsukuyumi in the sky, they became aware of their own strength. They set forth to free themselves of the old gods, and before the gods were aware of the danger, a time of humans, the Ars Humana, began on earth. But the heavens remained beyond the reach of humans for thousands of years, and the moon became a symbol for the hated Kami rule.

As technical advances opened the path to the heavens, the descendents of the Kami hunters saw their chance. In 2078, they attempted an assault from the Japanese moon station “Doragon”. But the lance which was supposed to pierce Tsukuyumi’s heart merely punctured his flank and injured him. Only one astronaut survived.

The Kami hunters sounded an emergency call: “He has woken. The dragon is returning.”

Tsukuyumi had woken and was determined to free himself from his stone prison. Slowly but surely he drew closer to earth in order to regain his freedom through the collision of the two celestial bodies. At first, the humans gazed at the sky in wonder, but soon that curiosity turned to fear. The earth began to shake, the tides went haywire, making the humans aware of their own mortality. But the collision of earth and moon could not be prevented by any human means.

As the moon hit the earth, it had an effect which usually takes thousands of years: land masses were moved, pushed down and raised, water was displaced, and down appeared to be up. Creaking and groaning, the face of the planet was changed. The moon however came to a standstill amid massive earth walls in the muddy floor of the former Pacific Ocean.

The moon sliced up stretches of land, broke continental tectonic plates, splintered mountains and broke its own stone hull on the icy summits of the Himalaya.

The world after the Moonfall

Nothing is as it was before. A deep trench has formed from Asia via Europe to North America to the Pacific. Where there was once an ocean, the moon now lies, deeply entrenched in the damp ground. The edges of the crater are formed by a new mountain range and the earth’s crust, thousands of metres high. Only the moon, with its 3,000 kilometres in diameter, towers above the crater. Still Tsukuyumi has not achieved his freedom, but his power is clearly apparent.

The greatest centres of human civilisation were wiped from the face of the earth. A massive tidal wave spilled a salty morass over the lands, burying animals, plants and fertile soil beneath it. Former islands such as the Japanese Archipelago stand out from the bare ocean bed like fine rock needles. The green belt of the equator was swept away by the flood, and enormous masses of ice from the North and South Pole are moving across the globe.

The night has grown dark. Humanity is almost extinguished. The scattered remnants, groups rarely larger than 100 people, fight for survival, clinging to even the smallest hope. Nature has turned against humanity, and the humans have to relearn what it means to be prey – the prey of Tsukuyumi and his death-bringing henchmen, the Oni.

In the middle of the chaos, Tsukuyumi rests and waits for his liberation. He, who once created life, now creates an army of destructive creatures, who are stronger and tougher than all of earth’s inhabitant so far.

Wherever Tsukuyumi’s pheromones touch life, a rapid evolution takes place. But his original plan failed. While humans who get in his way fall victim to his influence and become highly intelligent and destructive Oni, the other creatures have resisted. Thus his own creations turn against him, and become his most powerful enemies. These include the insect swarms of the Dark Seed, the pig herds of the Boarlords, the beasts of the Children of the Lion and the massive land whales of the Lords of the Lost Sea.

The former floor of the Pacific Ocean has become a battlefield.

Whoever gains control of the moon, will also seize power over the new world. The final battle has broken out, and the different factions – the last living humans, the evolved animals and all the creatures in between – are doing everything in their power to become the dominant species, shaking off the influence of Tsukuyumi and making their mark on the new era.