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Designer´s Diary

Thoughts, ideas and things we currently working on


After that first amazing week I finally found some time and place in my head to think about the 2-Player-Game Mode. Some really interesting ideas happening in the comments of the Kickstarter, on Board Game Geek and in the messages. Thanks to you supporters, for that kick off and enthuiasm for that.

There a swirling a lot of ideas in the room and I try to catch the best of them and create an 2-Player Mode that really fit to the dynamics of the game, when played by 3 or more players. The thing is, that 2 factions alone balance not that good but main challenge is to make it a diversive and intriguing play style. It couln´t be just a Duel game.

I´m right now working on it. I´ll keep you posted on the process.