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The Nomads


The aircraft carrier USS Nomad was stationed in the Pacific when the moon hit the earth. Today, the ship is a fallen giant whose body is slowly decaying. The crew, the last soldiers of the United States, have long been without a nation worth fighting for. Instead, they have declared the ship their home: For them, it embodies the ideals of the old world which they still believe in.

It appears to have fallen out of time: the old aircraft carrier buzzes with vibrant activity, as it if was not long stuck in the sludge of the drying Pacific Ocean. The former Navy soldiers work tirelessly trying to get their aircraft, helicopters, radars, weapons and vehicles functional again. Their goal is to maintain, rescue and repair everything reminiscent of the old world. They call themselves the Nomads with pride: in the new world, they feel like orphans, whose search for home has only just begun.

Despite their hard work, they fear that they are too slow – too slow to build a new strong community to curb the Oni.

So they send out mobile combat units with weapons and mines to tackle not only the Oni, but the other survivors as well. Their battlecry rings ahead of them: “The old world lives as long as WE live!”


The Nomads work well for a Hit&Run play style. The high movement range of some units can be used skilfully in order to circle around enemies and swiftly take out individual units.

In battle, they can equip their units with additional weapons, which can cause significant additional harm. Weapons do not have to be allocated to units or areas, and can thus be used as desired. This allows every Nomad to become a dangerous soldier.

Their biggest weakness is in their defence, as they only have very few hit points. Thus their maxim is as follows: attack is the best defence. The Staff Sergeants can mine areas which are conquered but empty. Each mine causes enough damage to destroy small units, while a cluster of mines can be dangerous even to bigger units.

The Nomads are best played in a highly mobile fashion and with surprise advances, so they are best suited to players with an offensive to aggressive play style.

The Nomads have few special rules, cheap units and develop their strengths best in a fast to medium-length game. They have few to no bonus resources or actions, making them easy to manage, as one can concentrate on conquering areas and fighting enemy units.