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The Lords of the Lost Sea


Even if they seem like gentle giants from the distance, it is wiser not to get too close to the Lords of the Lost Sea. They are the last humpback whales to survive Tsukuyumi’s return to earth. Despite the fact that the fallen moon destroyed their home, Tsukuyumi’s life-giving energy gave the whales an evolutionary advantage which changed their fate – and will now sound the death-knell for many other species.

As the moon ousted the water from the Pacific and left only barren wastelands, a school of humpback whales withdrew into one of the last water trenches to wait for their demise. The shores came closer and closer, and it was only a question of time before the sun dried up the last patches of water. Meanwhile, the ocean was dyed red by Tsukuyumi’s blood, which ran from the gaping wounds left by spears of the Kami hunters. But Tsukuyumi’s suffering changed the fate of the cornered wales. As the blood reached the animals’ ditch, as it touched their skin, as they consumed it with the last remaining food, it penetrated every part of their bodies, and stirred the life there towards change – grow, in order to live! The whales’ lungs grew stronger, their skin hardened to counter the blazing sun, and they grew a second pair of fins, allowing them to escape their prison.

As the king of the wales rose from the water, he realised that his old kingdom, the vastness of the sea, had disappeared. Now the land in its place was populated by creatures which did not use to belong there.

In order to regain their old home, the rulers of the forgotten oceans will oust the intruders and make the lands which were once water their kingdom again.


The play tempo of the whales is slower than that of the other factions. The slowness and mass of their units is palpable. They can displace enemy units and move them against their will, and at the same time have so many hit points that they need not fear most attacks.

The Lords of the Lost Sea are appropriate for players who like a passive-aggressive play style, as they remove enemy occupation markers and can block movement paths.

They primarily win not by conquering as many area tiles as possible, but rather by removing their enemies’ occupation markers and quickly rendering their progress useless.