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Kampfgruppe 03


When the moon crashed into the earth, spilling its innermost parts, the last survivors of an ancient brotherhood stepped up to the plate: For a long time, the members of the Marduk Order, named after the first dragon slayer Marduk in Babylon, did not have to put their abilities to the test. But with the waking of Tsukuyumi, the 25 knights – who have become high-technology-powered elite soldiers – have a new battle to fight.

While the Japanese hunted the Kami, the people of Medieval Europe were dedicated to the high art of dragon slaying. This cause was reserved for the greatest knights, and brought forth heroes such as Siegfried and George.

The Marduk Order was founded as a secret brotherhood in 778 AD, but soon became famous outside of the secret circles due to its great exploits. From the first Holy Roman Emperor to modern times, the brotherhood was included in the statutes of every European nation, as a guarantee of the human’s power over the dragons. Even when the Renaissance concealed the knowledge of dragons, the brotherhood continued to eradicate every creature quickly and quietly.

Tsukuyumi’s arrival summoned the order again. With the help of its last remaining resources, the brotherhood prepared itself for perhaps the most important mission to save humanity. Armed with overwhelmingly powerful battle suits, the 25 knights were divided into five combat units and catapulted into orbit in their landing modules – the only way to traverse the great distance across the former Pacific Ocean as quickly as possible. While KG1 landed on the moon, 3,000 kilometres above the earth’s surface, KG3 landed in the Pacific wasteland, and is approaching the dragon from the ground.

What started as a well-planned short-term mission has become a nightmare. The Kampfgruppe destroys anything in its way, regardless of man or mutation, so as not to endanger the mission. Conquering the moon has the highest priority for the order.


The name says it all: The Kampfgruppe wins the game with the effective destruction of potential opponents.

The KG is good for players who like big, strong units who fight many battles and are quick to identify opponent’s weaknesses.

It is also possible to block the opponent’s formation and dominate the game psychologically with powerful units and weapons. The KG is a faction where the usual maxim – the player with the most areas wins the game – does not apply. Instead, the player has to dominate the game quickly and dynamically, from the first round onwards, and dictate their opponent’s play style. The player must conquer strategically-relevant area tiles for additional victory points, destroy Oni, and do everything to conquer the moon. A player who manages to use the Oni attacks for their own benefit and provokes conflicts between their opponents can deprive their fellow players of important resources without taking part in the fighting themselves. When enough enemy units are gathered in one place, a well-aimed nuclear bomb can considerably weaken the opponents.