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As the descendants of those who once woke the white dragon, the history of the Cybersamurai is closely linked with the history of Tsukuyumi. Today’s heirs of the Japanese nation were the first to be informed of the falling moon, and used their advantage to take important precautions: they entered a symbiosis with their AI in order to assure their survival. Today, man and machine fight side by side against Tysukuyumi.

As the moon began its inexorable descent towards earth, the inhabitants of the Transpacific Democratic Union fled to the subterranean network of the former metro shafts. Before this, they put the last human satellites into position to have access to communication, orbital lasers, rocket stations and surveillance satellites. Their last act was to connect their consciousness with the machines, transfer their collective knowledge to the AI and then put the reins of the nation in the hands of the computers.

Since the bunkers have been reopened, they fight with high-tech weapons against their enemies. With the help of uplink implants, the Cybersamurai – the few human warriors in the army of AI fighters – are in constant mental communion with the machines. Satellites and drones give them the best overview of the situation at all times.

Even if the community of the Cybersamurai have overcome the bounds of human abilities, and the AI works constantly to develop new abilities for the soldiers, their motivation for the fight against Tsukuyumi seems to be very human.

Since the Moonfall, the guilt of letting the old world end has rested heavily on their shoulders.
The Shogun A.I. Bot


The challenge with the Cybersamurai is finding the right balance between enough units and the clever use of technology, the so-called uplinks. Solid ground troops supplemented by special forces create a bulwark which enemies will struggle to break.

The Cybersamurai are recommended for planners and strategists. They can influence the meta-game and can dictate their opponents actions at this level, by for instance preventing offensive actions

In battle, the Cybersamurai can decide which enemy unit receives damage first. This way, even small attacks can have the desired effect where other factions would have needed a full offensive. The defences of the Cybersamurai are especially hard to crack. The Bushido-uplink lets a unit in the defence strike ahead of its attackers, which means that weak fighting units should not even attempt to attack a Cybersamurai.