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Children of the Lion


The uncontrolled evolutionary thrust caused by Tsukuyumi's return also spawned terrifying beasts, who threaten to throw life on earth into complete chaos. A tribe known as the “Children of the Lion” harnessed these creatures and trained them. The Beastmasters, as they are reverently referred to, are not however thinking of the good of humanity, but rather of their own gain: They want to lead their clan to the former Pacific and claim the moon for themselves. The beasts are their weapon against anyone who gets in their way.

Mutated elephants, buffalos and rhinos, violent creatures with massive fangs and powerful muscles – only the Beastmasters can control these aggressive monsters. Their high art of taming animals assures them the most respected and powerful role in their clans. In the strict tribe hierarchy, only the Dominator who constantly watches over their work, is ranked higher than the Beastmasters. However, anyone from the clan can challenge the Dominator and take over their role, if they have the courage to meet them in battle.

The Children of the Lion play with dominance and submission, as their lives revolve around the ancient intuitive communication between humans and animals.

The five Beastmasters of the tribe each have their own distinct character: The Wounded is more dangerous with one arm than some others with two. The Rock dominates the field with physical strength and size. The Whip is a beautiful woman, who is as unapproachable as the beasts which she controls. The massive stomach of The Fat One bespeaks his assertiveness and strength. The Tooth controls her beasts not through physical, but rather through mental strength and force of will.

They are all accompanied by a troop of warriors, whose highest priority is the protection of the Beastmasters. The whole clan's ascent depends on their success as tamers.


The Children of the Lion have the unique ability to attach new area tiles and to expand the game board.

The Children of the Lion are suitable for players who appreciate the strategic possibilities of new areas. The beasts can also turn fields and replace them in order to keep changing terrain to their advantage.

Their beasts are robust working animals, each with their own special function and ability. The fighting tactics of the Beastmasters are pushing forwards in large groups, preventing damage to their animals and finally attacking aggressively themselves.