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The Nomads


The aircraft carrier USS Nomad was stationed in the Pacific when the moon hit the earth. Today, the ship is a fallen giant whose body is slowly decaying. The crew, the last soldiers of the United States, have long been without a nation worth fighting for. Instead, they have declared the ship their home: For them, it embodies the ideals of the old world which they still believe in.

They seem to have fallen out of time: On the old aircraft carrier there is a lot of hustle and bustle, as if it hadn't long been stuck in the silt of the dry Pacific. The former Navy soldiers, airplanes and helicopters, radar, weapons and vehicles tirelessly try to put things back on track. Their goal: to save, repair and preserve everything that still bears witness to the old world. They proudly call themselves the Nomads: In the new world they feel like orphans whose search for home has just begun.

Despite their hard work, they fear they will be too slow - too slow to build a new strong community that can stop the Oni.

So they send out mobile combat units that are supposed to fight the Oni, but also the other survivors, with weapons and mines. Their battle cry precedes them: "The old world lives as long as WE live!


The Nomads are suitable for a Hit&Run play-style. The high range of movement of some units can be used cleverly to circumnavigate enemies and to quickly eliminate isolated units.

In combat, they may equip their units with additional weapons that can cause significant bonus damage. Weapons generally do not have to be assigned to units or areas and can be used at will. This allows every Nomad to become a dangerous fighter.

Their greatest weakness lies in defense, since they only have a few hit points. Therefore their motto is: Attack is the best defense. The Staff Sergeants can use mines to secure areas that have already been conquered but are empty. Each mine deals enough damage to destroy small units, while a combination of mines can be dangerous even for large units.

The Nomads are best played highly mobile and with surprising advances, so they are best suited for players with an offensive to aggressive playing style.

The Nomads have only a few special rules, inexpensive units, and their strengths manifest best in a fast to medium-term game. They receive little to no bonus resources or actions, which makes them easy to manage, as you can focus on conquering territories and fighting units.