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The Fireborn


The eggs of the Fireborn, once created by the dragon Tsukuyumi, lay forgotten in the liquid mantle of the earth for millennia. With the return of their father, they also returned to the earth’s surface. The geological upheaval freed them from their exile, and the heat of the lava allowed them to hatch – now they plan to bring earth under their rule.

Long before the human race, the dragons were the rulers of the earth. But through the banishment of their father Tsukuyumi they suffered a heavy blow. The humans became self-confident and strong, and dared to rebel against the dragons. Marduk, the first knight of Babylon, killed Tiamat, the eldest of the Fireborn. This was the beginning of an era of hunting and killing, and many dragons fell victim to the knights of the Marduk Order. Thus the Fireborn gradually disappeared from the surface of the earth. But deep inside the earth still lay a handful of dragon eggs, surrounded by lava, protected from the hatred of humans. It was only a matter of time before they unfolded their potential.

Newly strengthened by Tsukuyumi's return, the Fireborn seek revenge on their oppressors. Regardless of losses, they wither the land, scorching it with their hot breath. They will find peace only when nothing more testifies to the former rule of the humans and they can plant their brood in the glowing earth.


The Fireborn are changing the game deeply as they earn victory points by destroying enemy homezones and can make areas worthless. They won't be able to conquer and hold many territories, but they will have the opportunity to conquer the moon and earn valuable extra points.

The Fireborn are good for players who like direct and constant confrontation with their opponents and aim to cause maximum damage in the game.