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The Dark Seed


The masses of insects which developed under the influence of Tsukuyumi have remained beyond his control. They only follow their own laws – those of the swarm intelligence. They are united by the insect queen, who fills them with the conviction that the new world belongs to them.

After the Moonfall the carcasses of millions of animals decayed in the stinging sun - a found meal for insects and their larvae. The nearer they got to the moon, however, the more Tsukuyumi's pheromones affected them. The insects began to change and became bigger, stronger - and their number increased immeasurably. The white dragon recognized the potential of those new creatures and wanted to integrate them into his army. He saw them as fast-growing servants who would eradicate the earth in no time.

But in the middle of this species something formed that spoke the language of the insects better than he did: The Insect Queen rose to rule and seduced her conspecifics with her own pheromones that nullified Tsukuyumi's influence. The message to their subjects is: Unite and destroy your creator!

So the swarm is moving and spreading its seed into the world.
The Dark Seed Nest


The fast playing style of the Dark Seed is also easily accessible also to beginners. The variety of units allows you to turn a harmless swarm of workers and drones into a dangerous army that moves across the board faster than your opponent can react, in just a few moments. At the same time, players should have no worries about sacrificing individual units for the overall good of the faction.

The Dark Seed thrive on additional actions available to their units every turn. Discover the countless facets of the Dark Seed, plant dangerous eggs into the ground to disturb your opponents, and take advantage of starting your game in any area instead of the edge of the field.

Those who like to play with variations of the general rules, to trick their opponents and always want to be one step ahead of them will have great fun with the Dark Seed.

The Dark Seed love a game that ends as fast as possible - because already on the third round the Dark Seed can dominate the game and have generated enough points for the final score.