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As descendants of those who once awakened the white dragon, the history of the Cybersamurai is closely linked to that of Tsukuyumi. The current heirs of the Japanese state were the first to know about the lunar event and used the lead to take important precautions: they entered into a symbiosis with their AI to ensure their survival. Today, man and machine fight side by side against Tsukuyumi.<br>

As the moon inexorably approached Earth, the citizens of the Transpacific Democratic Union rescued themselves in the underground network of the former metro shafts. They had previously positioned the last human satellites to gain access to communications, orbital lasers, rocket stations, and surveillance satellites. As the last official act, they linked their consciousness with that of the machines, transferred their collective knowledge to the AI, and finally transferred control of the state to the computers.

Since the bunkers were reopened, they have been fighting their enemies with high-tech weapons. With the help of uplink implants, the Cybersamurai - the few human warriors in the army of the AI forces - are constantly exchanging thoughts with the machines. Satellites and drones provide them with the best overview of what's happening at all times.

Even though the Cybersamurai community has crossed the boundaries of human abilities and the AI is constantly working to improve the skills of the soldiers, their motivation for the fierce fight against Tsukuyumi seems very human.

Since the Moonfall, the blame for the downfall of the old world has weighed heavily on their shoulders.
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The challenge with the Cybersamurai is to find the balance between a sufficient number of units and the clever use of new technologies, so-called uplinks. Solid ground troops supplemented by special units with unique abilities form a bulwark against which opponents can hardly challenge.

The Cybersamurai are recommended for planners and strategists. They can influence the metagame and can even influence enemies on this level, e.g. by nipping offensives in the bud.

In battle, the Cybersamurai can determine which enemy unit receives damage first. In this way, some small attacks can already achieve results, which would require a full-blown offensive with other factions. In their defense, the Cybersamurai are particularly difficult to crack. The Bushido-Uplink even lets a unit strike in the defense before the attacker, so that weak combat units should not even try to attack a Cybersamurai.