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Children of the Lion


The uncontrolled evolutionary thrust caused by Tsukuyumi's return also spawned terrifying beasts, who threaten to throw life on earth into complete chaos. A tribe known as the “Children of the Lion” harnessed these creatures and trained them. The Beastmasters, as they are reverently referred to, are not however thinking of the good of humanity, but rather of their own gain: They want to lead their clan to the former Pacific and claim the moon for themselves. The beasts are their weapon against anyone who gets in their way.

Mutated elephants, buffalos and rhinos, aggressive creatures with bleached teeth and strong bodies - only the Beastmasters have control over these wild animals. Their high art of taming makes them the most respected and powerful members of the clan. In the strict tribal hierarchy, only the Dominator stands above them, monitoring their actions at all times. But any man, no matter how small, from the middle of the tribe can challenge its position and become a Dominator himself, if he has the courage to challenge the current Dominator to a fight.

The Children of the Lion play with dominance and submission, their lives revolving around intuitive primordial communication between humans and animals.

The 5 Beastmasters of the tribe each have their own character: The Wounded is more dangerous with only one arm than some with two. The Rock dominates with physical strength and size. The Whip is a beautiful woman who is as untouchable as the beasts she controls. The powerful belly of The Fat One shows assertiveness and strength. The Tooth, on the other hand, does not control her animals with physical strength, but with mental strength and willpower.

They are all accompanied by a group of fighters whose highest priority is the protection of the Beastmasters. After all, the rise of the entire clan depends on their success as skilled tamers.


The Children of the Lion have the unique ability to create new area tiles during the game, thus enlarging the gameboard.

The Children of the Lion are suitable for players who appreciate the strategic possibilities of new territories. The Beasts can also rotate and replace tiles, so they can always change the terrain to their advantage.

Their beasts are robust workhorses, each with its own special task and ability. The Beastmasters' combat tactics are to race forward in large groups, avert damage from their animals, and ultimately strike aggressively themselves.